University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

Walter "Roy" Burris, Ph.D.

Dr. Roy Burris

Professor - Extension Beef Specialist

Department of Animal Sciences
University of Kentucky Research & Education Center
P. O. Box 469
Princeton, KY 42445

Phone:  (270)365-7541, X208

FAX:  (270)365-2667 


  • 1974 - Ph.D., Ruminant Nutrition, University of Kentucky
  • 1972 - M.S., Ruminant Nutrition, University of Kentucky
  • 1969 - B.S., Animal Science, Tennessee Technological University

Areas of Responsibility

  • Cow-calf nutrition and management
  • Health programs for feeder calves
  • Integrated Resource Management (IRM) for beef
  • Applied research in beef cattle management

Selected Publications

Liao, S.F., K.R. Brown, A.J. Stromberg, W.R. Burris, J.A. Boling, and J.C. Matthews. 2010. Dietary Supplementation of Selenium in Inorganic and Organic Forms Differentially and Commonly Alters Blood and Liver Selenium Concentrations and Liver Gene Expression Profiles of Growing Beef Heifers. Biological Trace Element Research published (April 13, 2010) first online as DOI: 10.1007/s12011-010-8685-2.

Howlett, C.M., E.S. Vanzant, L.H. Anderson, W.R. Burris, B.G. Fieser and R.F. Bapst. Effect of supplemental nutrient source on heifer growth and reproductive performance, and on utilization of corn silage-based diets by beef steers. Journal of Animal Science 81:2367-2378. 2003.

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