Undergraduate Courses

Animal Breeding
ASC 362, Every Spring
Instructor: D. Aaron

Reproductive Physiology of Farm Animals 
ASC 364, Every Fall
Instructor: P. Bridges

Feeds and Feeding
ASC 380, Every Spring

Beef Cattle Science
ASC 406, Every Fall

Graduate Courses

Mammalian Endocrinology
ASC 601
Instructor: K.R. McLeod

Laboratory Methods in the Nutrition Sciences
ASC 680, Every Fall
Instructor: D.L. Harmon

Energy Metabolism
ASC 681, Alternate Spring Semesters
Instructor: K.R. McLeod

Protein Metabolism
ASC 683, Fall of odd-numbered Years
Instructor: J.C. Matthews

Advanced Ruminant Nutrition
ASC 684, Alternate Spring Semesters
Instructor: E.S. Vanzant

Physiology of Digestion and Absorption
ASC 689, Fall of even-numbered Years
Instructor: J.C. Matthews

Animal Sciences Seminar
ASC 771, Every Semester
Instructor: K.R. McLeod