Beef Minutes is a video series that will be posted weekly (on Thursdays) to our sociat media sites.  Each video 1-3 minutes long covering topics and/or tips, discussing an upcoming event or program, etc..

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  • Dr. Darrh Bullock discussing the genomic testing update for purchasing bulls through the Kentucky Governer's Office of Agricultural Policy CAIP cost share program.

BEEF MINUTES 30: Update on Genomic Testing Requirements for 2022 CAIP Qualifications



• Beef Minutes forage specialist, Dr. Chris Teutsch and graduate student Jordyn Bush discuss using grazing as an option to manage Johnson grass on your operation.

Beef Minutes 29: Managing Johnson Grass


BEEF MINUTES 28:  Developing Heifers:  Part 1

  • Dr. Katie VanValin introduces a new series of beef minutes videos that will talk about developing heifers: the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Beef Minutes 28: Developing Heifers: Part 1


BEEF MINUTES 27:  Beef Improvement Federation

  • Drs. Katie VanValin and Darrh Bullock, and Mr. Ben Crites talk about the Beef Improvement Federation annual conference.

BEEF MINUTES 27: Beef Improvement Federation

BEEF MINUTES 26:  Tall Fescue

  • Dr. Katie VanValin discusses different types of tall fescue and some of the facilities available at the UKREC in Princeton, KY to study fescue toxicosis in beef cattle.

Beef Minutes 26: Tall Fescue


BEEF MINUTES 25:  Fly Control

  • Dr. Katie VanValin talks about options for fly control, and how to ensure the most effectiveness out of your fly control program.

BEEF MINUTES 25: Fly Control


BEEF MINUTES 24:  Annual Rye Grass

  • Dr. Chris Teutsch talks about utilizing annual ryegrass in the forage system.

BEEF MINUTES 24: Annual Rye Grass


BEEF MINUTES 23:  Pregnancy Diagnosis

  • Dr. Les Anderson talks about the importance of pregnancy diagnosis in the cow herd. Dr. Les also demonstrates a new, simple, and innovative method of pregnancy diagnosis that will soon be available!

BEEF MINUTES 23: Pregnancy Diagnosis


BEEF MINUTES 22:  Using Ultrasound to Assess Backfat Thickness/Marling Score in Finishing Cattle

  • Dr. Katie VanValin talks about using ultrasound as a tool for research and extension to assess backfat thickness and marbling score in finishing cattle!

BEEF MINUTES: Finishing Cattle (episode 22)


  • Drs. Darrh Bullock and Jeff Lehmkuhler talk about a research trial they are working on to understand the relationship between a sire's milk EPD and acutal milk production of his daughters.

Beef Minutes: Milk (episode 21)


BEEF MINUTES 20:  Comparing Feed Ingredients on a Price Per Unit / Nutrient Basis

  • Dr. Katie VanValin walks through the steps required to compare feed costs on a price per unit of nutrient basis. We've been getting lots of questions lately from producers looking to change ingredients due to current feed costs.  Using these steps will help to make a fair comparison across different feed ingredients or sources of similar ingredients.

BEEF MINUTES: Compare Feed Ingredients on a Price Per Unit / Nutritrient Basis (episode 20)


BEEF MINUTES 19:  Beef IRM Recommendations

  • Dr. VanValin discusses recent changes that she and Dr. Lehmkuhler made to the UK Beef IRM mineral recommendations.

Beef Minutes: UK Beef IRM Mineral Recommendations (episode 19)


BEEF MINUTES 18:  Corn Silage, Part 2

  • Dr. Katie VanValin discusses the nutrient composition of corn silage, and some considerations for incorporating it into a balanced ration.

Beef Minutes: Corn Silage Part 2 (episode 18)


BEEF MINUTES 17:  Corn Silage, Part 1

  • This week, Dr. VanValin stars a multi part series on incorporating corn silage into your beef operation.

Beef Minutes: Corn Silage Part 1 (episode 17)


BEEF MINUTES 16:  Improving Feeding Efficiency this Winter

  • This week on Beef Minutes, Dr. Katie VanValin discusses ways to minimize hay feeding losses and improve the overall efficiency of a hay feeding program. This week's Beef Minutes features hay feeding structures designed by Dr. Steve Higgins that are utilized at the UKREC in Princeton, KY.

Beef Minutes - Improve Efficiency of Feeding Hay This Winter (episode 16)


BEEF MINUTES 15:  Fall Buttercup

  • Dr. Chris Teutsch, extension forage specialist discusses buttercup in heavy use pastures. In the case of severe buttercup infestations, you may need to take action earlier than you think to get ahead of the problem before next spring!

Beef Minutes: Fall Buttercup (episode 15)


BEEF MINUTES 14: Winter Nutrient Requirements

  • This week on Beef Minutes, Dr. Katie VanValin will be discussing factors the impact winter nutrient requirements of beef cattle.

Beef Minutes: Winter Nutrient Requirements (episode 14)


BEEF MINUTES 13: Mineral Supplements

  • This week on Beef Minutes, Dr. Katie VanValin talks about mineral supplements.

Beef Minutes: Mineral Supplements (episode 13)


BEEF MINUTES 12: Heifer Pre-breeding evaluation

  • Dr. Les Anderson talks about evaluating replacement heifers prior to the start of breeding season!

Beef Minutes: Heifer Pre-breeding Evaluation (episode 12)


BEEF MINUTES 11:  Beef Bash Recap

  • Dr. Katie VanValin gives us a recap of the Virtual Beef Bash event held back on October 1st!

Beef Minutes: Beef Bash Recap (episode 11)


BEEF MINUTES 10: Prussic Acid

  • Dr. Chris Teutsch discusses prussic acid formation in Johnson grass after a frost. Parts of the state saw their first frost earlier this week!

Beef Minutes: Prussic Acid (episode 10)


BEEF MINUTES 9:  UK IRM Farm Program Progress

  • Dr. Les Anderson discusses the progress that has been made in one of the herds enrolled in the UK IRM Farm Program!

Beef Minutes: Progress in UK IRM Farm Project Herd (episode 9)


BEEF MINUTES 8:  Weaning

  • This week is packed with great info from Dr. Lehmkuhler about weaning!

Beef Minutes: Weaning (episode 8)


BEEF MINUTES 7:  Analyzing Past Bull Performance

  • Dr. Darrh Bullock discusses analyzing past bull performance.

Beef Minutes: Past Bull Performance (episode 7)


BEEF MINUTES 6:  Hay Supplement 

  • This week on Beef Minutes, Dr. Katie VanValin discusses easy steps to take to choosing a supplement for this years hay.

Beef Minutes: Hay Supplement (episode 6)


BEEF MINUTES 5:  Stockpiling Tall Fescue

  • This week on Beef Minutes Dr. Katie VanValin discusses stockpiling Tall Fescue.

Beef Minutes: Stockpiling Tall Fescue (episode 5)

BEEF MINUTES 4:  Fall Calving Season

  • Dr. Les Anderson discusses tips for preparing for the upcoming fall calving season.

Beef Minutes: Fall Calving Season (episode 4)


BEEF MINUTES 3: Beef Extension Education Forum

  • Dr. Jeff Lehmkuhler recaps the recent Beef Extension Education Forum that was held virtually last month. This event brought together leaders in the beef industry from across the commonwealth to discuss the issues facing our industry, and identify educational programs to move our industry forward.

Beef Minutes: Beef Extension Education Forum (Episode 3)



BEEF MINUTES 1: Heat Stress

  • Dr. Katie VanValin discusses the impact of heat stress on cattle.

Dr. Katie VanValin talks about heat stress.