Ph.D. Dissertations
Tseng, Yen-Chang. Influence of inulin/oligofructose on the acid-induced aggregation and gelation of soy proteins and silken tofu.
Unger, David Edward. Population dynamics, resource selection, and landscape conservation of a recolonizing black bear population.
Kim, Beob Guyn. Influences of chromium (III) picolinate on pigs under thermal, immune or dietary stress, and on adrenal steroid secretion.
Wang, Lin. Hydrolyzed potato protein as a potential antioxidant to inhibit oxidative changes in muscle protein.
Chen, Gong. Microiological and physicochemical stability of red claw crayfish (Cherax Quadricarinatus) tail meat stored with modified atmosphere packaging.
M.S. Theses
Coleman, Holly Holbrook. Focus groups on consumer attitudes on food safety educational materials in Kentucky.
Lunsford, Andrea. Relationship of nitrogen metabolism capacity, carcass quality, and expression of glutamate transporters and metabolizing enzymes in polypay and percentage white dorper lambs.
Speight, Susan . Application of carbohydrase inhibitors to modern rumen fermentation: an in vitro evaluation.
Pasagic, Sehrizad. Effect of processing parameters on cottage cheese yield.
Cassill, Bryan D. Response of bone mineral markers to lactation, gestation and calcium supplementation in broodmares.