Ph.D. Dissertations

  • Brummer, Mieke  The Influence of Selenium Status on Immune Function and Antioxidant Status in the Horse
  • Holder, Vaughn Barry  The Effects of Slow Release Urea on Nitrogen Metabolism in Cattle
  • Johnson, Joseph Samuel  Foraging and Roosting Behaviors of Rafinesque's Big-eared Bat (Corynorhinus Rafinesquii) at the Northern Edge of the Species Range
  • Macalintal, Lizza M  In Ovo Selenium (SE) Injection of Incubating Chicken Eggs: Effects on Embryo Viability, Tissue SE Concentration, Lipid Peroxidation, Immune Response and Post Hatch Development
  • Quant, Anthony D  Evaluating the Effects of Maternal and Progeny Dietary Supplementation of Selenium Yeast and Vitamin E on the Performance of Broiler-Breeder Hens and Performance and Meat Quality of Progeny
  • Skudlarek, Jamie R. Greene  Antimicrobial Efficacy of Edible Soy Protein Isolate Films and Coatings Incorporated with Hop Ethanol Extract and the Influence on Shelf-Life and Sensory Attributes of Bologna
  • Smith, Jacqueline Lee  Temporal Analysis of Electronically Collected Physical Activity Data to Assess Health Status of Beef Cattle
  • Zhao, Jing  The Fate of Antioxidative Soy Peptides after Reactions with Hydroxyl Radicals and Lipid Oxidation-Derived Aldehydes


M.S. Theses


  • Escobar, Carlos S  Effect of Feeding a Blend of Naturally-Contaminated Corn on Nutrient Digestibility and Feed Preference in Weaning Pigs
  • Nair, Mahesh Narayanan  Species-Specific Interactions Between Myoglobin and Small Biomolecules
  • Schaeffer, Caleb A  Distiller's Grains Supplementation For Beef Steers Consuming Tall Fescue: Forage Utilization and Steer Growth
  • Zhang, Zhi  Influence of Dietary Selenium Supplementation Form on Hepatic Transcriptome Profiles of MaturingBeef Heifers