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Take Home Messages Heard at This Year’s Dairy Partner/Young Dairy Producer Meeting

The Kentucky Dairy Partners and Young Dairy Producer meetings held in Bowling Green are always a great exchange of ideas and updates regarding the Dairy Industry, not only as they relate to Kentucky but throughout the US and globally.  This year’s program again delivered in these areas.  For those of you who were unable to attend, a brief summary of some of the speakers’ main discussion points are summarized in this article.

Techniques of On-Farm Milk Culturing

One simple and effective way to cut cost, while also cutting antibiotic usage is to use on-farm culturing of milk from cows with clinical mastitis signs or elevated somatic cell count (SCC). On-farm culturing can reduce antibiotic usage by 50%. Getting started utilizing on-farm culturing can be simple and quick. Here are some tips.

Heifer Synchronization and History

I have been working with a dairy herd that can’t make a more complicated heifer timed insemination protocol work for some reason. My recommendation is to go back to basics and try this method.