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Dairy Calves Need Water In Addition to their Milk and Starter

By 3 days of age, baby calves should be provided water free-choice separately from their milk and starter. Calves drink about a quart of water daily and drink more frequently than cows, thus the need to have water available at all times.

Getting the Most from Automatic Dairy Calf Feeders

These automatic calf feeding systems not only help reduce manual labor needs, but also provide the farmer with plenty of data to make management decisions. To make the most of these feeders, proper facility design and calf management are critical.

Quick Tips to Reduce Storage Losses When Ensiling Corn Silage

Proper management of silo structures and the ensiled crop are key to harvesting and storing high quality corn silage. This article contains pointers for making the most of this year's silage crop at the time of ensiling.