A.I. at Estrus graphic

A.I. at Estrus and Timed A.I. -  a comparison of the timing of events

Proper timing of insemination results in live capacitated sperm cells being in the oviduct to meet the newly ovulated oocyte. This can be accomplished with A.I. after standing estrus or timed A.I. at the end of a simple ovulation synchronization protocol.

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Rumen Bacteria Determine Outcome of Dairy Cattle Feeding Programs

Digestion of forages and other fibrous feedstuffs is accomplished through a symbiotic relationship between the cow and the bacteria and protozoa that reside within the cow's rumen.

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Low lignin alfalfa

Does Low Lignin Alfalfa Make Sense for KY Producers

Have you heard about a new type of alfalfa on the market called "Low-Lignin" or "Reduced Lignin" alfalfa?The value of reduced lignin alfalfa is higher digestibility.

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