Dairy Cow Lameness

Dynamics of Lameness in Dairy Cows

By increasing our understanding of expected behavioral differences between lame and non-lame cows, we can more quickly detect those cows that are becoming lame and take corrective action.   

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Identifying and preventing lameness

Identifying and Preventing Causes of Lameness in Your Herd

Prevention and early detection of lameness is important to prevent economic losses and animal discomfort.  By identifying areas to improve, the number of cases of lameness can be reduced and the potential negative effects on dairy cow performance and well being can be avoided.  

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Hand drawn cow face

Kentucky Dairy Partners and Young Dairy Producers Meeting

Dr. Ernest Hovingh, of Penn State, will discuss hoof health, basics of hoof trimming, and ways to prevent lameness.  On Tuesday afternoon he will lead a session showing different foot lesions and trimming issues with actual hooves.  

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