Tip of the Month:  Minimize Heat Stress for Baby Calves

Black cow laying down

Baby calves, like milking and dry cows, are susceptible to heat stress. These calves have lower immunity to fight off disease. To minimize heat stress, hutches should be shaded and fans used to move air inside calf barns.





white cow hay

Today’s Management Practices Program Tomorrow’s Milk Production

Feeding and management practices, as well as health of dairy cattle, not only impact today’s performance, but also milk production and reproductive performance months from now.  This programming starts before birth and continues throughout the life of a dairy heifer and into her adult life.     Read More

teat end flies

Preventing Summer Mastitis In Heifers Begins with Horn Fly Control

“Summer Mastitis” is an infection caused by horn flies biting the teat ends which can lead to little to no milk in the quarter at freshening.  Controlling horn flies can prevent this outcome.  

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