Dairy Management Tip of the Month- Review Heat Stress Abatement for Milking and Dry Cows

  1. Fans in eating and resting areas and in the holding pen should come on automatically when temperatures are greater than 65° F.  Sprinklers or soakers should be placed on a timer and run for approx. 2 minutes and off for 10-12 minutes with fans running continuously when temps are greater than 68° F.  Soaker time should increase with increasing temperatures.
  2. Ensure adequate amounts of cool, clean water are available at all times.
  3. Mix feed twice a day with more feed fed at night since cows eat more during the cooler hours of day.
  4. Ensure adequate amounts of potassium and sodium are included in the diets to replace those lost as a result of heat stress.
  5. Remember to provide heat abatement to dry cows as heat stress reduces future milk production and calf survivability.

Effectively Using Antibiotics to Treat Mastitis


To better understand how to effectively use antibiotics, we need to understand the susceptibility of bacteria to antibiotics, how this susceptibility might change over time, and whether scientific evidence exists for antibiotic resistance in dairy cows.   With this knowledge, we can design more effective mastitis treatment protocols and determine when antibiotic use is needed.  

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Continuing the Discussion on Negative Energy Balance and Fertility

Cow laying in hay

Negative energy balance influences fertility during the early days of embryo development.  

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