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Cleaning Out and Restarting Your Compost Bedding Pack Barn

CBP barns have improved cow comfort, heat detection, decreased lameness problems and in many studies decreased somatic cell count. However, effective management of the compost-bedding must be maintained by producers in order to successfully reap the benefits of a CBP barn.  Read More



weighting of traits in 2018 NM Holsteins

Health Traits Included in Net Merit $

With the August U.S. dairy genetic evaluations, Net Merit $ and the other lifetime profit indices have been revised to factor in disease resistance and to update the economic values used in calculations. Net Merit (NM$), Cheese Merit (CM$), Fluid Merit (FM$) and Grazing Merit (GM$) were revised for the triannual genetic evaluations released August 7 by the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB). 
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