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Management Important for Achieving a 45,000 lbs. Average Herd Production

As our understanding on how to feed and manage dairy cows improves, milk production per cow continues to increase.  Just look at the last two national record holders for milk production to learn three key management philosophies to achieve these high production goals.

Lameness:  Should it be a Priority for your Herd?

Mobility is critical to a dairy cows’ success, yet lameness remains a major problem in most dairy herds.  Of all studies reporting lameness between 2006 and 2017, mean lameness prevalence was greater than 20%.  This means any time someone walks on the average dairy farm, 1 out of every 5 cows there is lame.

Organic Milk Production

Within the past year, conventional fluid milk sales have decreased by 6.2% and organic fluid milk sales have increased by 5.6%, influencing more producers to consider organic production. Aside from the increased demand, producers pay price for organic milk is higher than the pay price for conventional milk.