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To Keep or to Cull

The key to culling is determining at what point the cow’s production potential has dropped enough to warrant replacement.  This type of culling is termed voluntary.  Voluntary removal refers to cows that are removed from the herd in an unforced manner – it is completely up to the farmer to keep or cull her.

Dairy Management Tip:  Calf Management Practices Impact Future Production

Gone are the days when growth and health of dairy calves are the only important outcomes expected with successful calf management programs! We now understand that these programs also impact a calf’s future performance. Known as perinatal programming, management and nutritional practices during early life have three to seven times more influence on future milk production than sire selection.

How to Prevent Scours in Dairy Calves

Scours can have life threatening effects, commonly in newborn animals. Scours is present in many different livestock industries however; the dairy sector is highly impacted.

Getting Dairy Calves Off to a Good Start - The SIP Principle with Colostrum

As soon as the dairy calf exits the uterus of the cow, the maternal nutrition and protection from disease by blood transfer of nutrients and immune cells directly to the fetus ceases. This nutrition and immunity now shifts to absorption of nutrients and immune cells found within colostrum to further protect the newborn and get it off to a good start.