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Preventing Mastitis in Dairy Heifers Before Calving

Dairy heifers represent a major investment in a dairy herd’s future genetics, production, and financial welfare.  Prevention and treatment of mastitis in breeding age and bred heifers can directly impact somatic cell count, production, and potential profit after calving. 

Could My Cow Have Cancer?

Malignant Lymphosarcoma is the most common neoplastic (cancerous) disease identified in cattle slaughtered in the United States and largest single reason cattle are condemned during postmortem inspection. 

Correctly Collect Silage/Forage Samples for Nutrient Analysis

With this year’s crop season quickly coming to a close, properly sampling this year’s corn silage and other forages and using these results to balance rations should be completed.

Breeding Heifers with Sexed Semen-2016 Update

Sperm cells which result in a heifer calf can be separated from sperm cells which result in a bull calf with 90% accuracy using a "flow cytometer" instrument.

Watch Moisture Content of Silages at Feedout

Weather patterns often determine when forages are harvested and can influence the moisture content of the harvested crop.  This year is a great example of how weather and/or plant health may have influenced harvested moisture content.