Tip of the Month

Timeliness of pregnancies this lactation impact the health, production and reproductive performance the next lactation.

Thus, reproductive goals for today’s dairy herds should include:

  • Cows pregnant by 130 to 150 days in milk
  • 21-day pregnancy rates ≥ 26%
  • Conception rates of 45 to 55%
  • Body condition score at dry off and calving – 2.75 to 3.0 (not 3.5)

(Dr. Paul Fricke, Univ of WI– Madison)

Cost Containment Is Important When Raising Dairy Replacements

Cost Containment Pic 1

With the cost of raising dairy replacement heifers representing 15 to 20% of the cost to the entire dairy operation.  Over the years of cost tightening, most costs paid directly from the farm checking account have been contained.  The question now becomes; how can costs associated with raising replacements be kept in line for the greatest return?  In other words, what are the biggest drivers behind dairy heifer rearing costs?   


Manage the 3 F Components of Your Nutrition Program

  • Forage
    Manage the 3 F components of your nutrition program
  • Feeds
  • Feedbunk



Steers – Are They a Means to Diversify a Dairy Operation?

Steers - Are They a Means to Diversify a Dairy Operation? Pic 1

Adding additional income streams to a dairy operation can be one way to improve cash flow. Of course, these additional enterprises need to provide extra income over the associated expenses, utilize land and labor resources efficiently, and not detract from the primary enterprise of generating income from the dairy’s milking herd. One opportunity is producing steers for the beef market.