Tip of the Month:  Service fans before getting busier

Before getting busy with spring fieldwork, take some time on a rainy day to clean the dust/dirt from fans and replace fan belts, if necessary. Dirty fans and loose or damaged fan belts are up to 40% less efficient at moving air, increase heat stress, which can lower milk production and result in fewer pregnancies.

Laying down in sand smaller free stall

Preventing Mastitis Starts with Proper Management of Stall Bedding

Cows contract mastitis when the teat ends come in contact with contaminated bedding.  Prevention of mastitis in freestall and tiestall barns is largely related to the bedding type and depth and stall surface maintenance. 



Calf Survival and Future Milk Production Tied to Colostrum-Feeding

Providing newborn calves adequate amounts of high-quality colostrum shortly after birth is one of the most important factors determining a calf’s health and survival the first 2 months of life and, as we know, her future milk production.  By better  understanding the why’s behind these recommendations, we can help those tasked with these chores understand the importance of following established protocols and the consequences when cutting corners. 


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American Association of Bovine Practitioners Publish Dehorning Guidelines




calf laying on straw

Using Paste to Disbud Calves