Tip of the Month

Foot care needs to include preemptive practices to reduce incidence of lame cows

— At least twice yearly, hooves should be examined and trimmed if needed. Routine hoof trimming corrects the claw angle so that weight is evenly distributed between the two claws of each foot. Cows should be evaluated and trimmed as needed around 80 to 120 days in milk and at dry off. Trimming only last 4-6 months.
— Minimize contact of hooves with manure through routine scraping of concrete surfaces.
— Footbaths are used 4 times weekly to prevent, not treat, hairy heel warts. Breeding age and older heifers should go through the footbath in addition to cows

Persnickety Cow

The U.S. Dairy Industry is Part of the Solution to Climate Warming

Dairy cows actually can help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and contribute to reducing global warming.  



Proactive Dairy Reproductive Programs Pay

Timely pregnancies have a positive impact on the performance and profitability of dairy cows, not only during this lactation, but as importantly, their next lactation.   By evaluating some key areas in your reproductive program, you can achieve a proactive reproductive management system.