Tip of the Month

Milking time practices impact  milking efficiency and mastitis incidence.

  • Physically touch or stimulate teats for 10 seconds before attaching milking unit.  When teats are properly stimulated, a signal is sent to the brain resulting in the release of oxytocin into the blood. Oxytocin acts on cells in the udder resulting in milk letdown.  This process takes 1-2 minutes, thus the reason for waiting 1 to 2 minutes before attaching the machine.
  • Prevent overmilking by removing the milking unit within 30 seconds after milking is done.  Overmilking can cause hyperkeratosis (rough teat ends) and result in a place for bacteria to colonize and cause mastitis.  Automatic takeoffs need to be checked to make sure they are operating properly to prevent overmilking.

Figure 1

Are Oxygen Barrier Films for Covering Silage Worth Their Cost?

Proper use of oxygen barrier plastic to cover silage decreases oxygen infiltration reducing the amount of spoiled silage that needs to be discarded from the top and sides of piles, bunkers, and trenches. The real question is “do they pay for themselves”.


Getting High Producing Dairy Cows Pregnant

Getting dairy cows pregnant in a timely manner impacts profitability.  No great revelations here.  The challenge remains getting this accomplished on farm.  

2021 Net Merit $ Genetic Index Includes Additional Traits


Which Feedstuffs Might Be a Good Buy?

With corn and soybean meal prices increasing tremendously, substitutions in diets for these ingredients may be financially beneficial.  The difference between the market price and nutritive value can be a starting point to determine if a particular ingredient is a good buy to consider along with the advice of your nutritionist.