Unit Manager: Joey Clark

2810 Georgetown Road,
Lexington, KY 40511

Directions from the W.P. Garrigus Building, UK College of Agriculture




The milking herd currently consists of 100 lactating Holsteins.  The rolling yearly herd average for milk production is about 23,000 lbs. All of the cows are registered with their respective breed associations and are classified regularly. The current BAA for type for the Holsteins is 104.

While we do not show cattle, we select sires based on both production and type characteristics, particularly those that contribute to herd longevity. There are approximately 100 calves and heifers on the farm. Both cows and heifers are bred artificially so no bulls are maintained on the farm. All of the animals on the Coldstream Dairy Research Farm are available for research projects.



The Coldstream Dairy Research Farm Complex was originally constructed in the early 1960's. There have been many renovations and facility updates since then. The complex includes:

  • freestall barn with 108 stalls for the milking herd
  • tie-stall barn with 36 stalls, used primarily for cows on research trials
  • small freestall barn with 18 stalls and Calan individual feeders
  • milking parlor that holds 8 cows (essentially 2 "double 2" parlors)
  • replacement heifer, dry cow, and maternity facilities
  • management building including an office, teaching facilities, and laboratory space

Laboratory facilities at the farm are very limited. Most sample analyses are conducted in laboratories in the W.P. Garrigus Building on the UK Campus. The dairy research faculty share three of these laboratories. These are general multipurpose laboratories where a wide range of analytical techniques can be performed including:

  • nutrient analysis of feedstuffs
  • analysis of blood, urine, and milk samples for metabolites, minerals, and hormones
  • bacterial culture and identification
  • cell and tissue culture
  • histology
  • molecular biological techniques (western and northern blotting, RT-PCR)


Drs. Costa (costa@uky.edu) and Heersche (gheersch@uky.edu)  serve as the co-director of the dairy unit. They would be happy to answer any further questions that you might have about the UK Coldstream Dairy Research Farm.