Dairy research uses many current technologies in researching dairy cattle, as the following:



Technology Parameters


AfiLab Fat, Protein, and Lactose

Mastiline Technology

Mastiline Somatic Cell Count

HR Tag Technology

HR tag Rumination time and Neck activity


SensOor Rumination time, Feeding time, Ear skin temperature, and Activity

FeverTags Technology

FeverTags Tympanic temperature

TempTrack Technology

TempTrack Reticulorumen temperature

SmartBow Technology

SmartBow Position and Movement

CowScout Technology

CowScout Leg activity

Track-a-Cow Technology

Track-a-Cow Lying time and Time at feed bunk

Pedometer Plus

Pedometer Plus Lying time and Steps

IceQube Technology

IceQube Lying time, Steps, and Locomotion
Coming Soon Alanya Temperature, Lying time, Activity, Locomotion, and Behavior

Vel'Phone Technology

Vel'Phone Calving time and Vaginal temperature
Coming Soon Anemon Vaginal temperature and estrus
Coming Soon Accubreed Mounting activity


Co-directors Drs. Costa (costa@uky.edu) and Heersche (gheersch@uky.edu) serves as the faculty contacts for the dairy unit. They would be happy to answer any further questions that you might have about the UK Coldstream Dairy Research Farm.