University of Kentucky, Department of Animal & Food Sciences, FSC 640

1. You are the quality assurance manager of a large lunch meat producer. Your 12 ounce bologna has recently received numerous complaints about an off-odor. Briefly describe how you would approach the problem of identifying the cause of the off-odor. Discuss instrumentation and the necessary checks to assure that your answer is correct. (This is a high priority for the company and you have all required instrumentation that you request) (20 pts.)

2. Discuss three mechanisms by which lipids can contribute to the sensory quality of foods (one mechanism is to contribute precursors of flavor compounds). What factors in the food or the lipids effect these perceived sensory qualities? How? (20 pts.)

3. Describe the isoprene unit and list five classes of compounds derived from the isoprene unit. Give and example of each. (8 pts.)

4. Discuss the sources, activity and use of tocopherols as antioxidants in foods. (10 pts.)

5. Describe the structure of phosphatidylglycerol. (6 pts.)

6. Discuss in detail the composition of lecithin, means of modifying lecithins (physical, enzymatic and chemical), and the functional properties of all your examples.(20 pts.)

7. In general, describe how to quantify all phospholipids (not the individual phospholipids) in a food. 8 pts.)

8. Describe the three main components the comprise a cerebroside from wheat. ( 8 pts.)