• Origin - Switzerland.
  • Type - Dairy breed.
  • Hair - Short, fine, and glossy hair that is a light to a deep red bay color (chamois), with black markings on the face, forehead, ears, poll, neck, and back, belly and udder, and legs.
  • Face/Ear Type - Straight or dish-shaped face, and ears that are medium in length and erect.
  • Important Traits - Milk production and vigorous.


Distinctive black markings on Oberhaslis:

  • Face - two black striped down the face from above each eye to a black muzzle.
  • Forehead - nearly all black
  • Poll, Neck, and Back - black stripes from the base of each ear coming to a point just back of the poll and continuing along the neck and back as a dorsal stripe to the tail
  • Belly and Udder - a black belly and udder
  • Legs - black legs below the knees and hocks
  • Ears - black inside and bay outside

** Bucks often have mor black on the head than does, black whiskers, and black hair along the shoulders and lower chest with a mantle of black along the back.

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