Class 4 Black Face Market Lambs Side Views

Class 4 Black Face Market Lambs Rear Views

Class 4 Black Face Market Lambs Side Rear Views

  • Official Placing = 2-3-4-1
  • Cuts = 2-5-3


Finding the class to break into two pairs, I placed the black faced market lambs 2-3-4-1.  Ideally my class winner could have been less U-necked.  Nonetheless, it's still 2 over 3 in my initial pair of blue lambs as 2 was simply the most complete, proportionally balanced lamb in the class.  2 was a wider based, heavier muscled lamb having more expression over this rack, more dimension through his loin and rump, and more mass through his lower leg.  He was also a deeper ribbed, bigger volumed lamb, that stood on a heavier column of bone.  Additionally he was a bloomier, fresher appearing lamb that should rail a carcass with a larger loin eye and a higher scoring leg.  I fully admit that 3 was a longer hindsaddled, more skeletally extended lamb.  However, this doesn't offset the fact that he was coarse over the top of his shoulders, pinched in his heart, and low set at his pins.


In reference to my intermediate pair it's still 3 over 4 as 3 more closely follows the pattern of my class winner in his muscularity being more massive down his top, fuller to his dock and wiser through the center of his leg.  3 was also a deeper middled, easier feeding, more ideally finished lamb that should rail a more packer acceptable carcass with more total pounds of high priced consumer preferred cuts.  I appreciate the black-fibered lamb for being the tallest fronted, longest bodied, neatest shouldered, leanest lamb in the class.  However, this serves to his disadvantages as he is also the shallowest bodied, hardest-ribbed, poorest performing lamb.


Nonetheless, in a close placing of two distinctly different types of lambs I preferred 4 over 1 in my concluding pair as 4 was a longer bodied, nicer balanced lamb.  He was an especially taller fronted, neater shouldered lamb that was much longer through his hindsaddle.  Additionally he was a leveler designed, squared hipped lamb that had a more ideal set to his rear legs and was thicker through his lower leg.  When taken to the rail he should hang a longer carcass with a higher percentage of his carcass weight from the last rib back.  I admit that the white pelted lamb is more ideally finished and is a heavier boned, deeper bodied, easier feeding lamb.  However, I criticized 1 and left him last as he was the most inverted in his shape from behind being narrow based and flat through his lower leg.  Furthermore he was a coarse fronted, steep-rumped lamb that when taken tot he rai should hang the shortest, lightest percent hindsaddled carcass in the class today.

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