Class 5 Black Face Market Lambs Rear Views

Class 5 Black Face Market Lambs Side and Rear Views

Official Placing = 1-3-4-2

Cuts = 4-2-6


I placed this class of black faced market lambs 1-3-4-2.  Finding the class to break into an easy top and bottom and a close middle pair, ideally my class winner could have been bigger topped and heavier boned.  Nonetheless, it's still 1 over 3 in my initial pair as the Hampshire appearing lamb with the most leg wool wss simply the most complete, proportionally balanced lamb in the class.  1 was a nicer profiling, more stylish lamb that was higher in his neck set and much neater through his shoulder.  He was also a straighter lined, leveler rumped lamb that appeared firmer handling from viewed from the rear.  Additionally he was fuller in his fore-rib and deeper in his flank and when taken to the rail he should hang a leaner, trimmer carcass with less weight in his front-saddle.  I admint that 3 is a heavier boned, thicker ended lamb.  However, this doesn't offset the fact that the blue lamb was coarse shouldered, shallow bodied, and low at his dock.


In reference to my intermediate pair of coarser fronted lambs I preferred 3 over 4 in a close placing as 3 was a heavier muscled lamb being especially thicker down his top an more massive through his leg.  Additionally 3 appears to be a taller fronted, more skeletally extended lamb that should rail a thicker, meatier carcass with more total pounds of pimal cuts.  I admit that 4 is a deeper bodied, looser flanked lamb that was straighter in his lines and leveler in his rump.  Furthermore he appears to be a trimmer, firmer handling lamb when viewed from the rear.  However, I left the Hampshire headed lamb third as he was short bodied, carse and round through his shoulders, and tied low in his neck.


Nonetheless, I easily placed 4 over 2 in my concluding pair as 4 was a more massive, powerful lamb.  He was much squarer down his top and had a huge advantage in lower leg shape.  Additionally he was a leaner, firmer appearing lamb that should to hang a carcass yielding more total pounds of high priced consumer preferred cuts.  I realize 2 appears to be the flatter through the point to his shoulder, however, I criticized him and left him last as he was the narrowest made, lightest muscled patchiest finished lamb that when taken to the rail should hang the lowest yielding, least packer acceptable in this class today.

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