Class 6 Black Face Market Lambs Side View

Class 6 Black Face Market Lambs Rear Views

Class 6 Black Face Market Lambs Side and Rear Views

  • Official Placing = 2-3-4-1
  • Cuts


I placed this class of black faced market lambs 2-3-4-1.  I found the class to break into an easy top and bottom and a close middle pair.  Ideally my class winner could have been squarer rumpled, nonetheless it's still 2 over 3 in my initial pair as the lamb with the most leg wool was simply the most complete, proportiohnally balanced lamb in the class.  2 was a more powerful lamb that was more grooved in his rack, spanned more width of loin and had more shape and flair to his stifle.  He was also a bigger framed, longer spined lamb that stood on more substance of bone.  Additionally he was a wider based, bolder ribbed lamb that should rail a carcass with a larger loin eye and a higher scoring leg.  I realize that 3 was shallower chested, neater shouldered, and leveler rumped.  However, this doesn't offset the fact that he was shallow bodied, U-necked, and funneled through his leg.


In reference to my intermediate pair it's still 3 over 4 in a close placing as 3 was a nicer balanced, taller fronted, squarer rumped lamb.  He was especially a smoother blending lamb from the base of his shoulder into his forerib.  Additionally 3 appears to be a leaner, trimmer designed, shallower chested lamb that should rail a more packer acceptable carcass with a higher percentage of hindsaddle.  I concede that 4 has more shape to his rack and is a deeper flanked, bigger middled lamb.  However I left him 3rd as he was coarse shouldered, low at his pins, sickle-hocked and patchy in his finish.


Nonetheless, I easily placed 4 over 1 in my concluding pair as 4 was a much leaner, firmer appearing lamb that had a meatier turn to his rack and more honest shape to his top.  Additionally he was taller fronted, more extended down his top and was longer hipped.  These advantages should allow him to hang a carcass with a more desirable yield grade and a higher lean to fat ratio.  I recognize that 1 appears to be the bigger volumed, deeper flanked lamb.  However, these advantages are due to him being t6he fattest, most over-conditioned lamb and additionally he ws the most inverted in his shape from behind.  Furthermore he was a short bodied, steep-rumped lamb that when taken to the rail should hang the fattest, wastiest carcass requiring the most trim of excess fat in his class today.

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