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Hampshire Ewe Lambs

UKAnimalFoodSciences - Hampshire Ewe Lambs View


Hampshire Ewe Lambs Official Discussion

UKAnimalFoodSciences - Hampshire Ewe Lambs Official Discussion


Reasons Hampshire Ewe Lambs

UKAnimalFoodSciences - Reasons Hampshire Ewe Lambs

Written Reasons - Hampshire Ewe Lambs

Hampshire Ewe Lambs Gracie Metzger

I like the Hampshire ewe lambs 1-2-4-3.

For an initial decision between 2 similar quality sheep, I write 1 over 2. She's the longer patterned better profiling ewe who ties higher and cleaner out of her shoulder and is leveler out through her hip. It's just an added bonus that she's also more correct in terms of her structure, being squarer from hock to ground. Now don't get me wrong, 2 is another functional female. However, I keep her 2nd as she’s the rounder, shorter hipped option who narrows at the ground.

With that being said, in my intermediate decision I still side with the higher performing ewe over 4. She's the longer patterned, larger framed female who is more feminine in terms of her design being more attractive from her shoulder forward. I'll be the first to admit, 4 is one that you have to appreciate from a power stand point of view, carrying natural width and dimension. However, the quick maturing female lacks the frame and sheer size above her.

Still in my final comparison I side with a better kind and write 4 over 3. She offers more in terms of brood ewe characteristics being the powerful, bold ribbed female who carries truer width through her pin set. It's just an added bonus that she stands on a greater substance of bone, which is only complimented by her extra leg wool. Now sure 3 may be a longer patterned, larger outlined sheep. However, the bare legged, bare faced ewe is poorer in terms of maternal quality being flatter and narrower made.


Thank you.


Hampshire Yearling Ewes Class View 1

UKAnimalFoodSciences - Hampshire Yearling Ewes Class View Part 1


Hampshire Yr. Ewes Class View 2

UKAnimalFoodSciences - Hampshire Yearling Ewes Class View Part 2


Hampshire Yr. Ewes Class View 3

UKAnimalFoodSciences - Hampshire Yearling Ewes Class View Part 3


Hampshire Yearling Ewes Official Discussion and Cuts

UKAnimalFoodSciences - Hampshire Yearling Ewes Official Discussion


Oral Reasons - Hampshire Yearling Ewes

UKAnimalFoodSciences - Reasons Hampshire Ewes


Written Reasons - Hampshire Yearling Ewes

Hampshire Yearling Ewes Adrian Austin

I liked the Hamp Ewes 4312. 

4’s quality and balance make her a stand out class winner. While this is the highest performing, most extended female- she goes beyond those basics by being the most collected in her structure. The thin necked, good chested female is attractive in her build. She’s the most comfortable ewe that’s the highest tying, correct in her spine and squarest from hock to ground. I admit, when 3 stops and collects herself she’s just as striking in terms of look and presence, unfortunately today she just comes as the smaller, lower performing option.

Even so, I opted to keep 3 over 1 in a closer middle pair of ewes. Aside from being sound and good looking, 3 comparatively offers more maternal mass and power. She’s the rounder ribbed, stouter hipped ewe that’s additional leg wool only highlights a stouter rear leg. I realize, 1 fits the mold of her contemporaries from a standpoint of structure and build. Nonetheless, this is the lightest dimensioned ewe of the class that’s the flattest ribbed and narrowest made.

Yet, 1’s female quality and balance make it an immediate decision to sort her over 2. The longer, thinner necked ewe ties higher to the top of her shoulder and is more correct in her angles. She’s easily more collected on the move. Now sure, 2 is a performance driven, growthy female that has some muscle- but what relevance does that hold when the down headed, straight shouldered, round hipped ewe is by far the poorest balanced.


Thank You


Southdown Ewe

UKAnimalFoodSciences - Southdown Ewe Class View


Southdown Ewe Class Official Discussion



Oral Reasons Southdown Ewes

UKAnimalFoodSciences - Reasons Southdown Ewes

Written Reasons - Southdown Ewes

Southdown Ewes Logan Mattingly

I like the Southdown ewes 2134

Now for me, there is a ewe who leads the way in terms of what we should expect from future breeding females. That is the slick shorn, wool picked ewe to win. She is the boldest in her forerib and this blends back into a deeper, more productive flank. In addition, from the profile view the ewe with the best Southdown breed character is the best balanced option who stays the neatest about her head and neck carriage, giving her an attractive silhouette. And as an added bonus, when I step in behind her she has the most natural width.

I admit that the ewe who comes next is the long hipped, growthy appearing option.

But unfortunately, she simply can’t compete with the overall look of quality and balance that is found in our impressive class winner. 

Still, it becomes quite apparent that she is still a maternally oriented ewe who spreads more mass over a bolder rib.

Sure, 3 stands taller at her shoulder making her larger outlined.

But the light muzzled female is the plain-featured ewe who stands narrow at the ground and rounds out of her hip on the move. 

However, it is in my final discussion of ewes that I say that they must have growth and performance without sacrificing rib and dimension. That is the argument that sorts 3 over 4.

Don’t get me wrong, if you are looking for a weather maker look no further than 4. She is a powerfully constructed ewe who could produce future progeny that contain a highly sought-after show ring look.

But quite frankly sir, the shortest bodied sheep is lowest preforming with a questionable rear leg structure. 


Thank You


Wether Dam Class View

UKAnimalFoodSciences - Wether Dam Class View


Wether Dams Official Discussion

UKAnimalFoodSciences - Wether Dams Official Discussion


Reasons Wether Dams

UKAnimalFoodSciences - Reasons Wether Dams

Written Reasons - Wether Dams

Wether Dams Chevy Vaske

I like the Wether Dams 3214


I quickly find a combination ewe who is the stoutest featured while still being bold ribbed and flexible, so I’d expect her to produce competitive show wethers. Sure, in terms of femininity, the long bodied ewe most closely follows my winner. But, she wants to drive up in her spine and needs to better handle her hip and hind leg.


Even so, in my intermediate decision I’m quick to say I prefer the fresher option who carries more natural shape through her leg and width from behind. I’ll admit, 1 offers mass and may be more level in her top. However, she’s deeper chested and doesn’t offer enough look from the profile as she’s plainer featured.


In my final comparison, I am most comfortable using the wider pinned heavier muscled option found in 1. Certainly, 4 is more comfortable and correct in her movement but quite honestly, it’s unfortunate she reads the flattest in her body type and the narrowest made.


Thank You.