Crossbred Breeding Heifers Side & Rear Views

  • Official Placings = 2-1-4-3
  • Cuts = 2-7-3


Finding the crossbred heifers to break into two pairs, my preferred alignment was 2-1-4-3.  Ideally my class winner could have been cleaner fronted and wider based.  Nonetheless, I still placed 2 over 1 in my initial pair as 2 was the most complete, proportionally balanced heifer in the class.  She was a longer bodied, straighter lined, nicer balanced heifer that was especially longer necked and more upheaded.  Additionally she was a stronger topped, thicker hipped female that was deeper bodied and bolder sprung.  I concede thtat I stood on more substance of bone, however I left her second as she was weak topped, short necked and down-headed.


In reference to my intermediate pair, I placed 1 over 4 as she more closely followed the pattern of my class winner in her volume and design.  She was a deeper flanked, easier fleshing heifer that was especially bolder in her rear rib.  Furthermore, she was a wider based, thicker made, higher performing heifer that had a heavier weight per day of age.  I appreciate that 4 was a stronger topped, more youthful appearing heifer.  However, I criticized the check faced heifer and left her third as she was shallow flanked, narrow based, and light muscled.


Nonetheless, I still placed 4 over 3 in my concluding pair as 4 was a more correctly designed heifer that was longer and leveler over her rump and had a more ideal set to her hocks.  Additionally she was fresher appearing, neater shouldered, more attractive fronted female.  I concede 3 was thicker made, heavier muscled and higher performing.  However, this doesn't compensate for being steep rumped and ill-made on her rear legs.  In addition she was the shallowest flanked, coarsest fronted, stalest heifer in this class today.

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