Spot Market Hogs Wyatt Banks

I like the Spot Market Hogs 1432

In an initial pair of hogs who although different both excel in terms of market hog basics, I opted for the production oriented 1 barrow. He's busted open through his lower skeleton as well as the boldest and most genuine in his rib cage, which lays the foundation for the spread out the topside of his blade, being the big backed hog that I'd expect to open with the largest loin eye and more total pounds of product. As an added bonus, while not attractive in his structure, he's the most comfortable on the drive.

I certainly won't question the gilt from a leanness nor cutability perspective. She works the deepest and freshest groove to her loin, which I think should allow her to calculate the higher percent lean. 

However, the shallower, flatter bodied hog, is too straight about her blade, and consequently gets rounder out of her hip.

Still, in my intermediate decision it's the 4 gilt's advantage in composition that sorts her over 3. She's the more extended, youthful, and expressive option, whose cleaner condition should make for a truer meat animal shape when sent to the rail. 

Make no mistake, the 3 barrow is clearly higher performing, bigger bodied, and leaves me with a more impressive look from behind. 

But, as I study the plainer headed, heavier fronted hog up high, he's easily the plainest in his shape and the stalest in his look. 

Sorting him into my concluding decision, where though weak pasterned and pigeon toed, he's the freer driving individual who reads with a more practical dimension from blade to hip.

Sure, the trim designed 2 gilt, is taller fronted and longer from blade forward. 

Quite frankly, it doesn't compensate for the fact that the tightest moving, narrowest made, and lightest muscled hog is the hardest in her look. 

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