Jeffrey Bewley

Associate Extension Professor
Phone (859) 257-7543

Animal and Food Sciences
407 WP Garrigus Building
Lexington KY 40546-0215

Systems Management


Ph.D., Purdue University, 2005-2008, Dairy Systems Management
Dissertation: Automated body condition scoring of dairy cattle: technical and economic feasibility
Major Professor: Dr. Michael M. Schutz

M.S. University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1998-2000, Dairy Systems Management
Thesis: The 1999 Wisconsin dairy modernization project
Major Professor: Dr. Roger W. Palmer

B.S. University of Kentucky, 1994-1998, Animal Sciences (Dairy Option)

Professional Experience

2008-present, Assistant Professor, Animal and Food Sciences, University of Kentucky

2005-2008, Graduate Research Assistant, Animal Sciences, University of Kentucky

2006, Visiting Researcher, Ice Robotics, Ltd., Roslin, Scotland, United Kingdom

2003-2004, Dairy Technical Services Manager, PerforMix Nutrition Systems, Nampa, ID

2000-2002, Director of Student Relations, University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

1998-2000, Graduate Research Assistant, Dairy Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison

1989-1998, Milkhand/Record Keeper, Skees and Flowers Dairy, Rineyville, KY

Professional Interests

Dairy cow comfort, facility modernization, milk quality, dairy animal well-being, dairy farm decision economics, precision dairy farming, dairy farm simulation, herd management science, dairy records.

Extension Publications

Barbara Wadsworth, Amanda Stone, Lauren Mayo, Nicky Tsai, and Jeffrey Bewley.  2015.  ASC-225 Managing Precision Dairy Farming Technologies 

Jeffrey M. Bewley and Robert J. Harmon, Stephan Locke and Michelle Arnold,  2014.  ID-180 Collection and Preparation of Milk Samples for Microbiological Culturing 

Amanda Sterrett, Donna Amaral-Phillips, Jeffrey Bewley, and Michelle Arnold.  2014.  ID-218 A Fresh Cow Health Monitoring System

Randi Black and Jeffrey Bewley, Animal and Food Sciences; Joe Taraba and George Day, Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering; and Flávio A. Damasceno, Agricultural Engineering, Federal University of Viçosa, Brazil.  2013.  ID-213 Kentucky Compost Bedded Pack Barn Project

Jeffrey Bewley and Donna Amaral-Phillips, Animal and Food Sciences, and Michelle Arnold, Veterinary Science.  2013.  ID-212 Using DHIA Records for Somatic Cell Count Management

Karmella Dolecheck and Jeffrey Bewley.  2013.  ASC-208 Pre-Investment Considerations for Precision Dairy Farming Technologies 

Barbara Wadsworth and Jeffrey Bewley.  2013.  ASC-207 Stall Bases: Are Your Cows Comfortable?

Michelle Arnold, UK Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, and Jeffrey Bewley, Animal and Food Sciences.  2012.  ID-209 Management of the Dry Cow to Prevent Mastitis

Jeffrey Bewley, Animal and Food Sciences, University of Kentucky; and Michelle Arnold, Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory.  2012.  ID-208 Recommended Milking Procedures for Maximum Milk Quality. 

Jeffrey Bewley, Animal and Food Sciences, Joe Taraba and George Day, Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, Randi Black, Animal and Food Sciencesand Flavio Damasceno, Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering.  2012.  ID-206 Compost Bedded Pack Barn Design: Features and Management Consideration. 

Brianna Goodnow, Elizabeth Chaney, Julia Hofmeister, and Jeffrey Bewley, Animal and Food Sciences.  2012.  ID-207 Considerations for Starting an On-Farm Dairy Processing Enterprise