Applied research and demonstration activities focus on issues of critical importance to swine production. Areas of interest include manure and nutrient management, feeding and nutritional strategies, production and housing systems, and reproductive management. Current and past projects include: 

  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of liquid-solid separation of swine manure in removing manure nutrients.
  • Evaluation of composting separated manure solids to generate a nutrient dense fertilizer and soil amendment.
  • Evaluation of a “high-rise” swine finishing barn to determine the effectiveness of composting swine manure within the production facility.
  • Development of an automated bio-fermentation reactor to enhance microbial activity and reduce odors in lagoons.
  • Evaluation of high pressuring cooling as means of reducing heat stress in swine.
  • Development of management techniques for swine housed in large groups.
  • Evaluation of an auto-sort scale for use with swine housed in large groups.
  • Developing farm specific feeding strategies for swine. 

Swine feeding