University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

Research Focus in Swine Nutrition


Research Focus in Swine Nutrition the Past 10 Years

  • Nutrition of the sow during gestation and lactation.
  • Amino acid and mineral requirements for maximum growth, efficiency, and leanness.
  • Bioavailability of minerals (phosphorus, copper).
  • Assessment of metabolic modifiers (pST, ß-agonists, chromium picolinate, betaine).
  • Interrelationship of pig nutrition with genetics, environment, and metabolic modifiers.
  • Dietary manipulation to reduce nutrient excretion and odor.
  • High performance starter diets for early-weaned pigs.
  • Assessment of antibiotics and other growth promotants.
  • Assessment of dietary enzymes (phytase, others).
  • Assessment of genetically modified feedstuffs.
  • Assessment of new by-product feedstuffs.
  • Growth modeling.