AFS Rules of Procedure and Statements on Evidences

  • Rules of Procedure - Describes the organizational structure for the department (positions, committees) and the guidelines for faculty meetings, faculty appointments, faculty promotions and evaluations, and other departmental activities.

AFS Advisory Council and Committees

Procurement Card Policies and Form

  • CAFE Procard Policy - College policy on Procard usage (preauthorization requirements, use of a control log, purchase approval requirements, use of the Procard Voucher, and Procard edit documentation).
  • AFS Policy on Annual Preapproval for Recurring Procard Charge - Describes the procedure that can be used to request annual preapproval for routine, recurring monthly or other regularly scheduled Procard purchases for the same item(s) or service(s) that exceed the $500 preapproval purchase limit. Use the form found here to request annual preapproval of recurring Procard charges that exceed $500.

Purchasing Order Forms

Employee Reimbursement

In-State and Out-of-State Travel Policy and Form

  • AFS Pre-Travel Form - The form that must be used for out-of-state travel preapproval and for any in-state or out-of-state travel for which the traveler will be claiming reimbursement for any travel related expenses.
  • Click here to find a listing of whether other states accept Kentucky's exemption from state sales tax. This site also contains the form that will need to be submitted for exemptions.

AFS Ground Transportation Reimbursement Policy

AFS 12-Passenger Van

AFS Enterprise Rental Request Form for non-procard holders

AFS Airline Flight Comparison Policy

  • Flight Comparison Policy - Describes when a flight comparison is needed, and outlines the policy/guidelines/procedures for obtaining a flight comparison.

AFS Business Office Responsibilities

AFS Check/Cash Handling Policy and Procedures

  • AFS Check/Cash Policy - Describes the policy and procedures for handling checks and cash received by departmental faculty and staff.

AFS Student Accident Reporting Policy and Procedures

  • AFS Student Accident Reporting Policy - Describes the policy and procedures be followed in the event a student experiences an accident or health issue in an instructional classroom or laboratory setting.

AFS Adjunct Policy

  • AFS Adjunct Policy - Describes the process for appointment and reappointment of Adjunct Faculty.