Tip of the Month:  Keep calm and walk slowly when moving cattle

People walk twice as fast as cows (4 vs 2 miles hour).  Thus, when moving cows, keep calm and walk slowly so that cows move in the intended direction.

Row of black and white cows in barn

Pre-Milking Cow Prep Influences Somatic Cell Count

When it comes to maintaining a low herd somatic cell count, continuously and consistently practicing sound milking procedures are part of an effectively implemented, on-farm milk quality plan.




Cow duo in bars

Are You Treating Cases of Clinical Mastitis Correctly for the Best Chance of a Cure?

Currently, environmental pathogens are the leading cause of mastitis and understanding results when culturing milk samples is important for the best chance of a cure.




SQMI Milking Procedures

8 Steps to Improve Milk Quality and Efficiency While Milking

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Cow in stall

Review Positioning of Cow Trainers in Tiestall Barns