Tip of the Month:  Increase Milk Production with Appropriate Kernel Processor Settings

Rollers for kernel processors on the corn chopper should be set such that a dime does not fit between the rollers. This setting should result in no more than 2 to 3 whole or half corn kernels in a chopped corn sample contained in a 32 oz. cup. For more information see Increase Milk Production with Appropriate Kernel processor Settings and Quick Tips to Reduce Storage Losses When Ensiling Corn

Dairy Margin Coverage Very 
Attractive for 2019

Signups are ongoing for the Dairy Margin Coverage  program for 2019. Payments from DMC are going to greatly exceed premiums for 2019 on covered milk up to 5 million lbs. An illustration for a herd producing 3 million lbs of milk annually is provided.


Cost of Production

Take Time to Review the Business Side of Your Dairy Operation

Every business, including dairy businesses, needs to routinely ask the question, am I generating the most profit possible given the current market conditions?  Some key economic components form the foundations of these more profitable herds.