DRMS is now offering an additional optional report, DHI 751. This report contains much more mastitis related information than found on a hot sheet. The information on this report allows managers to make individual cow culling or treatment decisions. Not only does this report lists the current SCC (plus SCS), current daily milk production and fat and protein percent, and the percentage this cow contributes to the overall bulk tank SCC, but also lists additional mastitis, production, and reproductive information. Listed are the previous test SCC and SCS, the current infection status (new, cured or chronic), number of tests above 200,000 SCC for this lactation, previous lactation SCS, SCC at dry off as well as a cow’s projected milk production, due date, and number of reproductive services. This additional information allows one to have critical information available in one place on one line to make management decisions.

To sign up for this report, just tell your tester or call DRMS computer support (1-919-661-3120 or 1-515-294-2526). Cost for this additional report printed and mailed is only $0.01/cow/test or $0.50/test for a 50-cow herd.

If you would like to receive this report just once, you can call Mid-South Dairy Records (1-417-831-6931) and ask them to print and mail a copy after DRMS has processed your records (cost-$0.01/cow). If you are an Owner Sampler herd submitting written paperwork with your milk samples, just add a note on your barn sheet asking Mark at Mid-South Dairy Records to print this report for your herd for a single test. This report is also available to consultants through the DRMS Website as an “On-Demand Report”.

DRMS Lab Report Chart