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Vitamin A and E Prices Increasing

As a result of vitamin A and E manufacturing problems, supplies of these vitamins are becoming scarce and prices of these vitamins have increased.  Expectations are that these production issues will continue for approximately the next 6 months. 

Using DHI Reports to Track Individual High SCC Cows

DHI reports can identify which cows have just been tested with a SCC of 200,000 cells/mL or greater, as well as cows that have been chronically infected, as shown with multiple tests with a high SCC. When a herd is enrolled in DHI testing, various DHI reports are available. This article will cover one of these reports available from Dairy Records Management Systems ( to help producers manage and detect high SCC dairy cows.

Do's and Don'ts When Managing Free Stalls

People say that deep bedded sand freestalls are the gold standard for cow comfort on dairies in the US, but some farms prefer mattresses in freestalls.  The reality is, both options for bedding surfaces have their advantages and disadvantages, and both can be challenging to manage. 

Recommendations for Managing Fresh Dairy Cows

Proper management and feeding of dairy cows in the first two to four weeks after calving is critical for preventing disease and ensuring cows reach maximum milk production and optimum reproductive performance. During early lactation, cows’ intake of energy and other nutrients is not enough to meet their demand for milk production and other needs.   

2018 Kentucky Dairy Partners Meeting Schedule

Check out the 2018 schedule for February 27& 28, 2018.  There is a great lineup of speakers.