Tip of the Month:  Don't Forget Bred Heifers

Feeding programs for bred heifers should not be overlooked. Heifers that calve overconditioned often have more trouble calving which sets the stage for lower performance in the milking herd. Bred heifers need to be fed an adequate amount, but not excessive amount of energy. Heifers housed inside a barn need less energy than those housed on pasture and rations need to reflect these differences. Take time to critically evaluate if their body condition is on target several times a year to make sure they are not too thin or overconditioned.

Ribeye comparison

Bull Considerations When Selecting a Beef Bull to Breed to Your Dairy Cows / Heifers

Breeding beef sires in a designed breeding program to lower producing dairy cows and/or heifers is not a new concept, but understanding the tools available to assist with selecting the right beef semen may be helpful. 




Class 1 Pricing Continues to be a Major Challenge for Kentucky Dairy Producers

When it comes to dairy policy, the headliner from the 2018 farm bill was the Dairy Margin Coverage (DMC) program, which replaced the Margin Protection Program (MPP) from the 2014 farm bill. Another change got much less attention, but has turned out to be extremely impactful over the last several months.  


Sustainability and Environmental Impact Important to Consumers

Understanding the preferences and priorities of consumers is important as it directly impacts purchases and thus milk price at the farm level.  Sometimes our perceptions of consumers’ needs and preferences are clouded and reflect our biases.