Mastitis Detector 

Produced by Coburn Company, Whitewater, WI and located in the parlor, the Ambic Dairy Cow Monitor is a filter that allows for a reliable means of detecting clinical mastitis. This system detects the presence of mastitic clots without interfering with the smooth, rapid flow of milk away from the udder.


Produced by afimilk, Israel, and located in the parlor system, the Afimilk MPC milk meter records yield, milk time, production rate, and conductivity as well as washing information. 

HOBO RX 3000

Produced by HOBO and located in the compost bedded pack barn, the RX3000 remote monitoring system provides instant access to site-specific environmental data anywhere, anytime via the internet. The new station combines the flexibility and sensor quality of more expensive systems, an onboard LCD display, and the convenience of plug-and-play operation

12-bit Temperature Smart Sensor

Produced by HOBO and located in the compost bedded pack barn water troughs, The 12-bit Temperature Smart Sensor provides < ± 0.2° C total accuracy (< ±0.36° F) and resolution of < ± 0.03° C (< ±0.054° F) over the range of from 0° to 50° C (32° to 122° F). The full measurement range is -40° to 100° C (-40° to 212° F). A selectable measurement-averaging feature further improves accuracy. Reliable service is assured by a stainless steel sensor tip and robust cable rated for immersion in water up to 50° C for up to 1 year.

12-bit Temperature/ Relative Humiditiy Sensor

Produced by HOBO and located in the compost bedded pack barn, the 12-bit temperature/relative humidity smart sensor is designed to work with all Onset data loggers that accept Smart Sensors. All sensor parameters are stored inside the Smart Sensor, which automatically communicates configuration data information to the logger without any programming, calibration, or extensive user setup.

Pulse Input Adaptor Sensor

Produced by HOBO and located in the compost bedded pack barn water troughs, the contact closure pulse input adaptor sensor connects sensors with pulse outputs to data loggers with smart-sensor inputs. This smart sensor is compatible with contact closures, and records the number of pulses that happen over a period of time. This device groups together or bins the number of pulses according to the time period they occurred in.

No-lead Water Flow Meter

Produced by HOBO and located in the compost bedded pack barn utility room, the no-lead water flow meter sensor Measure cold and hot water flow rates with this compact, affordable water meter.


Located in the classroom, the centrifuge is used for spinning blood samples to collect plasma or serum.


Located in the classroom, the colostrometer is a field method for immediate determination of colostrum quality. 


 Produced by VetENT, New Zeland and located in the classroom, merticheck is used to scoop vaginal discharge to be examined for endometritis. 


Located in the classroom, the ultrasound machine is used in pregnancy checking to determine age, sex, and location of fetus

Koster Dryer

Located in the equipment room, the Koster dryer is a portable electric dryer used to determine percentage of dry matter and moisture content of dry grain, high moisture grain, hay, silage, and other materials. 

pH Meter

Located in the equipment room, the pH meter is a scientific instrument that measures the hydrogen ion concentration in a solution indicating acidity or alkalinity.

Digital Thermometer

Located in the equipment room, the digital thermometer is a rechargeable, digital thermometer used to take vaginal or rectal temperature. 

Beta Carotene Tester

Produced by Rovimix and located in the equipment room, the beta-carotene tester tests beta carotene in either blood or milk samples.

AgriNIR Analyzer

Located in the equipment room, the AgriNIR analyzer is a portable analyzer for forages and grains to measure a sample's DM, Starch, CP, CF, ADF, NDF, and Ash.

E Pro Check 2.0

Produced by Frim Tec, Germany, and located in the equipment room, the e Pro Check 2.0  is used to determine the immune parameters in the raw milk directly himself using this automatic analysis device to measure haptoglobin in milk.

Pain Test FPX 50 Algometer

Produced by Wagner instruments, Geenwhich, CT, and located in the equipment room. The pain test algometer is used to evaluate lesions while hooves are under restraint.  The Algometer will be applied to lesion to determine level of pain.


Produced by Q-Dry, Germany, and located in the equipment room, the Q-Dry analyzes the dry matter content in animal feed stuffs. The Q-Dry automatically dries feed stuff samples by using an induction heating system.


Produced by Advanced Animal Diagnostics, Research Triangle Park, NC, and located in the equipment room, the Q-Scout is an on farm, portable diagnostic analyzer, designed to provide producers with result in minutes. Q scout test accurately detect subclinical mastitis and individual quarters long before symptoms occur by analyzing ratios of white blood cell types that fight infection.

Infared Thermography Camera

Bently Combi

Located in the Bentley Lab, the Bentley represents state-of-the-art technology for automated milk analysis for up to 600 samples per hour. The Bentley provides an accurate measurements the somatic cell count of milk samples while simultaneously measures the milk composition including fat, protein, lactose, and solid.