Name: Michelle Adamczyk

 Year: Senior

 Hometown: Westlake, OH

 Major: Biology

 Research: Feed Push-Up via Lely Juno, monitoring feeding behavior and physiology with various technologies

 Area of interest within the dairy industry: Health, Nutrition 

 Plans after graduation: Hoping to attend medical school and become a physician 

Name: Kailey Barlow

Year: Sophomore 

Hometown: Scottsville, KY

Major: Agriculture Education

Area of interest within the dairy industry: My main area of interest within the industry is the show side of the cattle industry, I am interested with how to select for the best genetics.

Plans after graduation: Become an Agriculture Education teacher

Name: Korri Briggs

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Campbellsville, KY

Major: Agriculture Economics

Area of interest within the dairy industry: I grew up on a dairy farm which has given me a continuous love and passion for the dairy industry. 

Plans after graduation: I hope to obtain a career where I can use and continue to develop this skills I have gained within agriculture economics to help the industry grow.

Name: Paige Cecil

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Lebanon, KY

Major: Agrocilture Economics

Area of interest within the dairy industry: Advocating for the dairy industry 

Plans after graduation: Undecided

Name: Katie Elder

Year: Sophomore

 Hometown: Fancy Farm, KY

 Major: Agriculture Education

 Area of interest within the dairy industry: Dairy Education

 Plans after graduation: I want to pursue my Masters Degree and eventually my PhD

Name:  Morgan Falk

Year:  Junior

 Hometown:  Middleton, WI

 Major:  Animal Sciences Pre-Vet

 Area of interest within the dairy industry: I love testing the blood samples with graduate students and I loved learning how to take the blood samples out at the Coldstream Dairy Housing, Teaching, and Research Farm.

 Plans after graduation: Go to veterinary school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Name: Lillian Frantz

Year: Senoir

Hometown: Taylor Mill, KY

Major: Animal Science Major and Business Minor

Research: PetPace and Vetcheq Validation of Heart Rate and Respiration Rate Monitoring on Dairy Calves

Area of interest within the dairy industry: I am interested in general management efficiency and health monitoring

Plans after graduation: Veterinary School

Name: Randi Gray

 Year: Senior

 Hometown: Newberry, South Carolina

 Major: Psychology and Writing Rhetoric and Digital Media

 Plans after graduation: Going to Graduate School for Clinical Psychology. 

Name: Cerina Holcomb

 Year: Senior

 Hometown: Franklin County, VA

 Major: Animal Sciences

 Research: Lactipro Advance Acidosis Challenge

 Area of interest within the dairy industry: Nutrition

 Plans after graduation: I plan to pursue an additional degree as a Veterinary Technician 

Name: Ainsley Kennedy

Year: Senior

Hometown: Lexington, KY

Major: Animal Science, Biology minor

Area of interest within the dairy industry: I am interested in the environmental side of the dairy industry, physiology of dairy cows, and diseases within the industry

Plans after graduation: I would like to be a park ranger at a National Park our west for a year or two then go to graduate school for dairy science and work on reducing the carbon footprint of farms

Name: Sarah Mac

 Year: Senior

 Major: Biology Major with an Animal Science Minor

 Hometown: Harrison, Ohio

 Research: Calving Detection Study 

 Area of interest within the dairy industry: Cow Behavior and Animal Welfare

 Plans after graduation: Graduate School for Dairy Science


Name: Lilly Robertson

Year: Sophomore

Major: Animal Science

Hometown: Franklin, KY

Area of interest within the dairy industry: precision dairy technologies, effective dairy herd management  

Plans after graduation: Teach agriculture globally or attend graduate school