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Targeting Dairy Feeding Programs for Less Feed Waste or Shrink
Feed cost typically make up the largest portion of total cost of producing milk, keeping those in check can make a difference in your bottom line. This article looks at monitoring and evaluating commodity usage, communicating with your nutritionist, developing a feed usage plan and proper TMR mixer use.

Negative Impacts of Summer Heat on Dairy Cow Reproduction
A few tidbits on the negative effects of summer heat on dairy cow reproduction.

Does Nutrition Impact Reproductive Performance?
This article is a summary of the webinar presented by Dr. Milo Wiltbank from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It looks at the role nutrition plays in improving reproductive efficiency in dairy cattle.

Management Strategies to Decrease the Negative Impacts of Heat on Dairy Cow Reproduction
Here are a few strategies to consider when reducing the effect of heat stress on dairy cow reproduction.