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Dairy Manure Valuable Fertilizer Source
For a dairy with 100 milking cows, manure stored in the lagoon has a yearly fertilizer replacement value of almost $30K.

Take time to know what plant nutrients are in your lagoon and match it to the growing crop.

  • Test manure for N, P, and K content.
  • Test soils to calculate amount N, P, and K needed by crops planning on planting.
  • Use results to calculate application rates for manure and additional fertilizer, if needed.
  • Work with your local county extension agent for the best use of this valuable resource.

Day-to-Day Chores Impact Pounds of Milkfat and thus Milk Income

Milkfat yields influence milk checks.  Many factors influence butterfat content.  Some factors are beyond ones control but many are controllable.


Is Your Dairy Business a Good Investment Risk in your Banker's Eyes?

Bankers use financial information from a balance sheet to determine the risk associated with lending capital to your business.  Essentially, they are determining the probability or risk as to whether you will be able to repay the loan and, if not, do you own assets that will allow the bank to recoup the value of the loan.


Center of Kentucky Dairy Meeting

February 7, 2022
10:00 a.m. CT
Adair County Cooperative Extension Office


KDDC Young Dairy Producers Meeting

February 22, 2022
Registration at 8:30 AM Central time

Kentucky Dairy Partners Meeting

February 23, 2022
Registration at 8 AM Central time

See this link to register for the virtual option.
These are joint programs by all 4 partners, UK Dairy Extension, Dairy Alliance, KDDC, and KY Dept of Ag.

For more information on the program