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Wash water temperature for milking equipment critical for low PI counts

The wash cycle for milking equipment should start at a minimum temperature of 160ºF and conclude when the water temperature is 120ºF or above. With winter temperatures, wash water temperatures should be reviewed and a thermometer used to ensure critical temperatures are occurring.

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Post-Weaning Period Critical Time for Dairy Heifers

Feeding and management programs at and shortly after weaning are critical to the growth and overall health of these young dairy heifers.   Growth slumps after weaning definitely impact rearing costs and requires careful management oversight for the best outcome.  




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Regular Review of Financial Records Trait of Profitable Dairy Herds

For dairy businesses to be profitable and sustainable, their owners must be excellent managers of cattle, crop production, employees/family members, and financial resources.  All of these pieces are necessary.  However, finding the time to devote to completing and reviewing these financial records on a routine schedule throughout the year is a necessary management practice.   



Latest Knowledge Regarding Improving the Health of Dairy Calves






Kentucky Dairy Partners Meeting

February 23, 2022
Registration at 8 AM Central time
This program is a joint program by all 4 partners, UK Dairy Extension, Dairy Alliance, KDDC, and KY Dept of Ag.