Our goal is to develop and conduct quality educational programs
that will improve the lives of Kentucky dairy farm families

d of those involved in the allied industries.

Dairy News

  • UK Dairy Science Student Receive Awards!
    - Rhiannon Hall, Bradley Kelly, Gustavo Mazon, Megan Woodrum-Setser, Joao Lovatti, Emily Michalski, Lianara Morciglio, Abby Varney
    12/2•UK Dairy Extension
  • KY Dairy Notes (Dec. '22)
    > Tip of the Month:  Cleanliness of the calving pen or area impacts the health of both her calf and the dam herself.
    > Taste panel detects paperboard flavor in milk stored in paper cartons in a recently published study.
    > Want to Improve Your Dairy Herd’s Reproductive Program?
    > Explain the Why’s Along with the How’s When Training Employees and Family Members to Milk Cows
    > Winter Feeding and Management Practices for Dairy Calves
    12/1•UK Dairy Extension
  • UK Dairy Science Highlights Sarah Schwenski
    11/15•UK Dairy Science
  • Graduate Student Handbook (updated)
    11/7•UK AFS News
  • UK Dairy Science Highlights Brad Kelly
    11/4•UK Dairy Extension

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