Our goal is to develop and conduct quality educational programs
that will improve the lives of Kentucky dairy farm families

d of those involved in the allied industries.

Dairy News

  • Scott Radcliffe to chair UK Department of Animal & Food Sciences
    5/26•UK CAFE News
  • Spring 2023 Dean's List - Animal Science
    5/15•Animal & Food Sci
  • KY Dairy Notes (Spring '23)
    > Monthly Tip:  First-Calf Heifers Behave Differently than Mature Cows
    > Successful Dairy Managers—What Does it Take to Be One?
    > Decreases in Milk Production Seen 1 to 2 Days after Heat Stress Event
    > Maintenance of Fans Impact Electric Bills
    > Early Embryonic Pregnancy Losses Vary by Stage of Gestation
    > Pre-Milking Cow Prep Influences Somatic Cell Count
    > Observation is the Key to Being a “Cow Whisperer”
    > Dry Cow Therapy Revisited
    4/3•UK Dairy Extension

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