Feedstuffs - Pasture & Hay Forages



  • Perennial bunchgrass with a fairly shallow and fibrous root system.
  • Can grow to heights of 2 to 5 feet in seed head stage.
  • Primarily a hay plant, but can be used for pasture when part of a mixture - grows well with Alfalfa and (or) Red Clover.
  • Disadvantages include a short stand life, low quality when cut late, clumpy growth habits, and sensitivity to hot temperatures.
  • Annual yields = 2 - 4 tons DM/acre

Average Nutrient Content

  • Ruminant TDN = 55-65%
  • Crude Protein = 8-12%
Physical Description - leaves have a bluish green color; swollen, bulb-like structure at base of stem; cylindrical seed head.

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