University of Kentucky
Meat Cutting School
Pork Processing Workshop
Date: May 12th - 14th
Location: University of Kentucky Meat Science Laboratory, located in the W.P. Garrigus Building (325 Cooper Drive, near Commonwealth Stadium and the UK Hospital).

Description: The University of Kentucky Meat Cutting School is opening its doors to the general public for a pork processing workshop.  Participants will be able to gain hands-on experience processing pork.  This workshop is ideal for beginners and/or those wanting more experience and knowledge in meat processing.  Some aspects of the workshop will be hands-on with a combination of lectures on the livestock and meats industry.

Tentative Agenda
Thursday, May 12th 
  • Meet at 3:00pm EDT
  • Tour the meats lab, meet the instructors, and what to expect from the workshop.  Plus we will discuss what will happen during slaughter.
Friday, May 13th 
  • Pork Slaughter – participants will view a pork slaughter, followed by some hands-on participation with the remaining pigs.
  • Lectures over the history of meats, USDA rules and regulations, a general overview of the meats and livestock industries.
  • Bacon and Hams – the participants will make dry-cured and wet-cured bacon and ham.
Saturday, May 14th
  • Lecture on HACCP and Food Safety.
  • Fabricate pork carcasses from the previous day.
  • Lecture on Sausages and Smokehouse basics
  • Sausage making – participants will make and sample a variety of sausages.
  • Discussion and Questions
What will you get: All participants will get a 6” boning knife, white frock, and a UK Meat Cutting School cap.  Successful participants will receive a certificate of completion.  Lunch will be provided.

Costs: $400/person.  Monies will cover procurement of animals, materials, and lunch.  Open to the first 20 participants.
Overnight Accommodations: We have not reserved a block of rooms; however due to parking challenges on campus, we recommend the University Inn, which is located across the street of the meats laboratory.

Safety: All participants are required to sign a release wavier at the first meeting on Thursday, May 12th.  No open toed shows will be allowed.  We recommend rubber boots for the kill floor and thick soled work boots for the cutting room.  It is not recommended that you wear nice clothes on the kill floor; it is a dirty, smelly environment.  You can bring a change of clothes.

Checks should be made out to: University of Kentucky Meat Science.  Checks are preferred, but other payment methods can be discussed.

Questions: Contact Dr. Gregg Rentfrow, Ph.D.; 859-257-7550;