Poultry House Evaluation Service flyerIn 2007 the Kentucky Poultry Federation received a generous grant from the Agricultural Development Board. One portion of the grant is to work with growers and assist in their energy usage through a Poultry House Evaluation Service (PHES) and educational programs.

The goal of the Poultry House Evaluation Service is to identify areas where there may be potential for reducing your energy costs and, in some cases, increasing grower income through improved production performance (i.e., growth rate, feed conversion, egg production, etc.). Evaluations will focus on those features of your buildings that have the best potential for generating a positive return from any improvements that may be made. Each participant will receive a detailed report of the findings. Non-farm specific information generated from these evaluations will be shared with other growers through company and statewide educational programs.

Operation Procedures - (Office Audit & On-site Assessment)

PHES observations to date (June 18, 2009):

Discussion (Chapter 1 of the Poultry Production Manual)

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