There are several independent hatcheries around the country. Your choice of hatchery selection will depend on the species and breed you are looking for, the location of the hatchery (especially with regards to how far away they are), as well as the hatchery reputation and customer service. Remember: "Cheaper is not always better."

NPIP logoIt is important that the hatchery you select to get your chickens, turkeys, or waterfowl from be NPIP-Approved. The National Poultry Improvement Plan is a voluntary program developed in 1935 to eradicate Bacillary White Diarrhea (BWD) caused by Salmonella pullorum. S. pullorum can be transmitted through the egg from hen to chick. By screening breeding stock the occurrence of Salmonella pullorum is very low.

NOTE: There have been recent human outbreaks of Salmonella associated with chicks and ducklings associated with an Ohio hatchery.

Avoid contact with the feces of young fowl, and carefully wash your hands with soap and water after handling these animals and anything that has come in contact with them.

Safe handling of chicks (University of Kentucky)

What you should know about ordering chicks from a hatchery

DISCLAIMER: References to commercial products or services provided via this Website are intended for informational and educational purposes only, and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the Department of Animal and Food Sciences, University of Kentucky Extension, or the University of Kentucky as a whole.


Lake Cumberland Game bird farm and hatchery
Rt 8 Box 1675
Monticello, KY 42633
Phone: 866-348-6370
Products: Quail, chukar, pheasant, hatching eggs and chicks (Dominiques, Delaware, White Wyandotte, Black Langshan, Black Orpington, Buff Orpington, and others)

Rice's Poultry Farm
1274 Hancock Road
Wickliffe, KY 42087



S&G Poultry, LLC
Clanton, AL 35046
Phone: 205-280-3771
Products: Red ranger, Naked neck, Dixie Rainbow, Golden nugget and Delaware chickens


Rockin' Rooster Ranch
Douglas, AZ 86607-9747
Phone/Fax: 520-364-6654
Products: Production fowl, Greenegger™, Rhode Island red, Rhode Island white (dominant), SCWL leghorn (Dryden), ducks (including the Kaiyo, a unique egg-laying breed from Taiwan)


Gabbard Farms
West Fork, AR 72774 
Phone: 479-791-2906
Products: Egg laying chicken breeds (white, brown, dark brown, and blue)


Belt Hatchery
Ramona, CA
Phone: 559-264-2090
Fax: 619-789-6510
Products: Chicks, bantams including Mille Fleur, and turkeys

CEBE Farms
Ramona, CA 92065
Phone: 800-77-8730
Fax: 619-789-6510
Products: Red & Black cornish cross chicks only - no other breeds available

High Country Gamebirds
Phelan, CA 92329
Phone: 760-868-1514
Products: Guineas

Metzer Farms
Gonzales, CA 93926
Phone: 800-424-7755
Fax: 831-679-2711
Products: Various breeds of ducks and geese. Pearl Guinea

Southwest Hatchery
Blythe, CA 92226
Phone: 760-921-2378


Larry's Poultry Equipment and Hatchery
Brush, CO 80723
Phone: 970-768-1320
Products: Game birds, chickens (standard and bantam breeds), ducks, guineas, turkeys and geese


Hall Brothers Hatchery
Norwich, CT 06360
Phone: 860-886-2421
Fax: 860-889-6351
Products: Production and broiler baby chicks, hatching eggs, started pullets, turkey poults, capons, started turkeys, goslings and guinea keets

My pet chicken
Norwalk, CT 06851 
Phone: 888-325-7779
Products: Day-old chicks of standard and bantam breeds, fertile hatching eggs, chicken supplies (including diapers for indoor pets)


Double R Discount Supply
West Melbourne, FL 32904
Phone: 866-325-7779
Products: Chicks, incubators, waterers, misc supplies


Bob's Biddies LLC

2155 Weaver Drive

Ray City, GA 31645



Phone: 229-375-1991

Products: Pullet chicks (90% sexing accuracy) from Amber links, Bovan Browns, and Bovan Blacks' Cobb 500 meat chickens, straight run; Turkey poults when special ordered

G.Q.F. Mtg. Co.
Savannah, GA 31498
Phone: 912-236-0651
Products: Incubators, brooders, supplies, quail eggs

K&L Poultry Farm
Aragon, GA 30104
Phone: 706-291-1977
Products: Over 70 varieties of chicks (including standards and bantams), ducklings, goslings, turkeys, pheasants, quail, chukars and guineas


Dunlap Hatchery
Caldwell, ID 83606-057
Phone: 208-495-9088
Products: Over 40 varieties of baby chicks (including standards and bantams), waterfowl, turkeys, guineas, gamebirds, hatching eggs and poultry equipment


Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys
Fremont, IN 46737
Phone: 260-444-8766
Products: Hatching eggs, chicks and adults of rare and/or heritage breeds of turkeys


Decorah Hatchery
Decorah, IA 52101
Phone: 319-382-4103
Products: Broilers, white and brown egg layers (Black Australorps, Barred Rocks, etc.), turkeys, ducklings, goslings, guineas, pheasant and quail. SERVE THE MIDWEST ONLY

Hoover's Hatchery
Rudd, IA
Phone: 800-247-7014
Products: Some of the more common breeds of chicks, ducklings and goslings, turkeys, bantams, and ringneck pheasants

Murray McMurray Hatchery
Webster City, IA 50595-0458
Phone: 800-456-3280
Products: Over 140 varieties of chicks, bantams, turkeys, game birds, peafowl, waterfowl. Also: books, equipment, incubators, medicine and hatching eggs

Sand Hill Preservation Center
Calamus, IA 52729
Phone: 563-246-2299
Products: Rare breeds and heirloom seeds, day-old chicks in many varieties; quail, chicken breeds, bantam chicken breeds, ducks, turkeys, geese and guineas

Schlecht Hatchery
Miles, IA 52064-9773
Fax: 563-682-7823
Products: Chicks, ducklings, goslings

Welp, Inc.
Brancroft, IA 50517
Phone: 800-458-4473
Fax: 515-885-2346
Products: Specialize in cornish-rock broiler chicks but have baby ducks, geese, turkeys, laying breeds and gamebirds, and some supplies


CM Game Bird Farm & Hatchery
Calais, ME 04619
Phone: 615-216-8069
Products: Hatching eggs, chicks, and flight conditioned birds. Bobwhite quail, valley quail, gambels quail, chukar partridge, ringneck pheasant, ornamental pheasant, standard and bantam chickens

Shady Hollow Gamebirds
Morrill, ME 04952
Phone: 774-273-0370
Products: Chickens, peafowl, guinea fowl, waterfowl, turkeys and quail


Townline Hatchery
Zeeland, MI 49464
Phone: 616-772-6514
Fax: 616-772-2969
Products: Mallards; Pekings; Khaki Campbell ducklings; White and Bronze turkey poults; Embden, Toulouse and African goslings; ringneck pheasant chicks; layer and broiler chicks


Giese's Waterfowl Hatchery
Appleton, MN
Phone: 800-529-3447

Johnsons's Waterfowl
Middle River, MN
Phone: 218-222-3556
Products: Ducklings in Saxony, Rouen, Magpies, Khaki Campbell, Dark Campbell, Cayuga, Silver Appleyard, Black Swedish, Blue Swedish, and many varieties of runners. Goslings in Buff, Canada, African, Grey Pomeranian, White and brown Chinese, Sebastopols. Assortments available.

Oakwood Game Farm, Inc.
Princeton, MN
Phone: 800-328-6647
Products: Chinese ringneck pheasant and chukar partridge (eggs, day-old, started and adult).

Shutle Waterfowl
Marshall, MN
Phone: 507-532-2893
Products: Day-olds and mature pairs of geese and ducks; 14 varieties of geese including Sebastopol, Canada, Pomeranian; 15 varieties of ducks including 6 varieties of Muscovies, Aylesbury, Silver Appleyards.

Pine River, MN
Phone: 800-720-1134
Products: Chickens, turkeys, domestic and wild waterfowl, exotic and ringneck pheasant, quail, partridge, guineas, peafowl, and swans


Cackle Hatchery
Lebanon, MO 65536
Phone: 417-532-4581
Products: Chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese

Estes Farm Hatchery/ Country poultry
Sringfield, MO
Product: Production breed chicks, crested specials, bantam specials, waterfowl, turkeys, guineas, quail, chukar, pheasant, and supplies

Crow Poultry & Supply Co.
Windsor, MO 65360
Phone: 660-647-2614
Products: Gamebirds, exotic breeds, bantams

Marti Poultry Farm
Windsor, MO 65360
Phone: 816-647-3156
Products: Over 70 varieties of chicks, gamebirds, bantams, pheasants, turkeys, ducks, chukars, exotic rare breeds


Big Sky Game Birds
Victor, MT
Products: Eggs from mountain quail, butler bobwhite and silkies


Central Hatchery
Madison, NE 68748
Phone: 800-272-2449 or 402-454-2336
Products: Eastern wild turkey, chukar and Hungarian

Michener Pheasant Parm
Nebraska City, NE 68410
Products: Eastern wild turkey, chukar and Hungarian partridge, Buff, red/yellow, gold, lady amerherst, black mutant, reeves and Chinese, jumbo and Mongolian redneck pheasants


Privett Hatchery
Portales, NM 88130
Phone: 800-634-4390
Products: Rare and fancy chicks, bantam chicks, turkeys, bobwhite quail, chukar, ringneck pheasant, waterfowl, guinea fowl, pheasant, partridge


Midsummer Farm
156 East Ridge Road
Warwick, NY 10990
Phone: 845-986-9699
Products: Dual purpose heritage breed so of chickens - Speckled Sussex, Salmon Faverolle and Cuckoo Marans

The Poultry Hatchery
4301 Ridge Roundbr /> Fayette, NY 13065 (off Route 414)
Toll Free Phone: (855) 824-4257
Local Phone: (315) 257-9100
Fax: (855) 293-3698
Products: Largest selection of day old chicks and started bantams, chukar, ducks, game-birds, geese, guineas, meat-birds, peafowl, started pullets, turkeys and more. Homestead supplies and poultry equipment available for sale. Local store pick up and shipping throughout the United States. 


Seven Oaks Game Farm
Wilmington, NC 28409
Phone: 910-791-5352
Products: Hatching eggs: button quail, coturnix quail, bobwhite quail, partridge, pheasant, bantam ducks, large fowl, bantams, cochins, frizzles, and silkies. Incubators, equipment, books, coops and pens.

Shook Poultry
Claremont, NC 28610
Phone: 828-459-0571
Products: 18 week old starter pullets of Barred Plymouth Rocks and Gold Comets, for pickup only


Eagle Nest Poultry
Oceola, OH 44860
Phone: 419-562-1993
Products: Broiler and layer chicks, bantam assortment, exhibition chickens, ducklings, assorted turkey poults, geese

Meyer Hatchery

Polk, OH 44866
Phone: 888-568-9755
Fax: 419-945-9841
Products: Turkeys, Ducks, Gamebirds, Peafowl, Geese, Fertile hatching eggs, Replacement pullets and day old chicks (brown, white, dark brown and tinted egg shell colors); Broilers; Bantams; Cochins; Crested Polish

Mt. Healthy Hatcheries
Mt. Healthy, OH 45231
Phone: 800-451-5603 or 513-521-6900
Products: Production layers, heavy breeds, broilers, ringneck pheasant, turkey poults in bronze and white, ducklings in white pekin and mallard, goslings in white embden, grey toulouse and white Chinese

Ridgeway Hatcheries
La Rue, OH 43332
Phone: 800-323-3825
Products: Mallards, ringneck pheasants, quail, quail eggs, chukar partridge, and mature gamebirds

Stichler's Poultry Farm
Greenwhich, OH 44837
Phone: 419-565-3197
Products: Dominique and Rosecomb Rhode Island Red standard fowl


Country Hatchery
Wewoka, OK 74884 
Phone: 405-257-1236
Products: Chickens, turkeys, ducks, guinea fowl, and Pilgrim geese

Dogwood Hollow Gamebirds
Claremore, OK
Products: Hatching eggs, day-old chicks, and started and mature flight ringnecks, bobwhites and chukar partridges.

Mulgrow, OK
Phone: 918-427-3510
Products: Peafowl eggs, chicks, and yearlings in India Blue, Pied India Blue, Pied Black Shoulder, Pied Cameo, Silver Pied, White Eyes, Purple, Purple Black Shoulder, Cameo Spalding, Buff Spalding, Red Buff Spalding, and more


Holderreads' Waterfowl Farm & Preservation Center
Corvalis, OR 97339
Phone: 541-929-5338
Products: Rare breeds of domestic ducks and geese from around the world

Lazy 54 Farm (formerly Shank's Hatchery)
Hubbard, OR 97032
Phone: 503-981-7801
Products: Standard and bantam chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, ringneck pheasants, chukars and bobwhite quail

Wish Hatchery
Prairie City, OR
Phone: 541-820-3509
Products: Wishard Bronze naturally mating turkeys


Hoffman Hatchery, Inc.
Gratz, PA 17030
Phone: 7l7-365-3694
Products: Goslings, ducklings, chicks, turkeys, guineas, bantams, pheasants, quail, chukars, swans, peafowl, and white muscovy ducklings

J.M. Hatchery
New Holland, PA 17557
Phone: 717-330-3247
Fax: 717-354-0728
Products: Colored range broilers, French guinea fowl keets, white muscovy and Khaki Campbell ducklings, and white silkie bantams

Moyer's Chicks, Inc.
Quakertown, PA 18951
Phone: 215-536-3155
Fax: 215-536-8034
Products: Moyer's Brown Egg Layer, Moyer's White Egg Layer, Moyer's Broilers, Moyer's K-22 red broilers

Noll's Poultry Farm
Kleineltersville, PA 17039
Phone: 717-949-3560
Products: Five breeds of production layers and broiler chicks

Reich Poultry Farms, Inc.
Marietta, PA 17547
Phone: 717-426-3411
Products: Limited varieties of chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, and guinea fowl


Witt Farms
Cassatt, SC 29032
Phone: 803-432-1067
Products: Muscovies: day-old, juveniles and adult breeders in Black, Blue, White, Chocolate, Pastel Buff, and Pastel Silver. Adult Pomeranian geese in White, Gray, Buff, Gray Saddleback, and Buff Saddleback


Olesen's Flyway
Hurley, SD 57036
Products: Pheasants, northern bobwhite quail, chukar partridge


Dogwood Acres Waterfowl
Adamsville, TN 38310
Phone: 731-632-5080
Products: Waterfowl: 83 breeds, domestic and wild varieties including several varieties of call ducks, woodies, porchards, shelducks, teal, Canadians and Egyptians


Claborn Farms
Waco, Texas 76705 
Phone: 254-829-5333 
Products: Day-old chicks and turkeys, as well as hatching eggs. Emphasis on selectively-bred, dual-purpose breeds

Ideal Poultry Breeding Farms, Inc.
Cameron, TX
Phone: 254-697-6677
Products: Chickens, bantams, turkeys, waterfowl, guinea fowl, pheasant, partridge, bobwhite and Japanese quail, peafowl

Rocking R Gamebirds

Big Spring, TX
Phone: 915-268-1246
Products: Eggs, chicks, adults in white meat type Coturnix, Gamble, Valley, Blue Scale and Wisconsin jumbo bobwhite quail. Ringneck, Chinese, Buff, Melanistic, Reeves and Golden pheasant.

Texas peafowl
Sid Drenth
Weatherford, TX
Products: 40 colors/patterns in the rarest of colors with peacock, peahen photos to show some of those rare colors. Information and photos of Vulturine Guinea fowl. Information and photos of sheds, pens, and planting areas.


TR Game Birds
Roosevelt, UT
Phone: 435-247-2311
Products: Ringneck and melanistic pheasant eggs

Valley View Pheasants & Game Birds LLC
Provo, UT
Phone: 877-GAMEBIRD or 801-356-1176
Products: Pheasants: Ringneck, California Buff, White, Mongolian Black. Chukars, bobwhite quail. Eggs, chicks, and mature flight-conditioned birds


Northwest Gamebirds
Kennewick, WA
Phone: 509-586-0150
Products: Coturnix quail: eggs, chicks, live adults, and flight-conditioned birds

Springhetti Gamebird Farm
Snohomish, WA
Phone: 360-568-7277


Abendroth's Waterfowl Hatchery
Waterloo, WI 53594
Phone: 920-478-2053
Products: Layer and broiler chicks, goslings including Maxima Canada, ducklings, Broad Breasted Bronze and Broad Breasted White turkey

MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc.
Janesville, WI
Phone: 800-345-8348
Products: Many different breeds of pheasants. Guaranteed live overnight delivery (nationwide)

Purely Poultry
Oshkosk, WI 54903
Phone: 920-472-4068
Products: Chicken (standard and bantam), ducks, geese, turkeys, guinea fowl, peafowl, game bird pheasants, ornamental pheasants, chukars and quail

Sunnyside Inc. of Beaver Dam
Beaver Dam, WI 53916
Phone: 920-887-2122
Products: Layer and broiler chicks, Broad Breasted Bronze and Broad Breasted White turkey poults, common breeds of ducks and geese, hatching eggs available for school and research projects.

Utgaard's Hatchery
Star Prairie, WI
Phone: 715-248-3200
Products: Broiler layer chicks sexed or straight run, ducks, geese, ringneck pheasant chicks, bantam assortment, guinea assortment.