Advising Information for those applying 2023 for admittance 2024.


Step 1: Fill out the the Applicant Information Form (by March of the year you intend to apply).

Those that do not fill out the applicant information form will not be added to the  "applicant" listserv and may miss out on additional information.

Step 2: Calculate your GPA(s) - PDF icongpa_calculations.pdf

Step 3: Assess vet school requirements for those you

A) are interested in attending 

B) have met the requirements for application/attendance

Step 4:  If needed, take the GRE (May/June). This test can be taken multiple times.

Step 5: Complete and send residency forms by June 1st

Step 6: Fill out VMCAS application by due date (usually early Sept)

A) carefully read all the instructions before beginning application

B) reread all instructions as you fill out application

C) have someone knowledgeable edit and proofread your application material (spellcheck) before you submit your application

Step 7: Ensure all supplemental information has been provided to each school per VMCAS application instructions

Step 8: Visit with the James W. Stuckert Career Center for information on resumes, cover letters, and interview suggestions